Welcome to Seeing Thestrals- a blog for those who have experienced a neonatal loss, whether Donna Picthe loss happened yesterday or years ago.

Included in this group are women and men who have lost babies through miscarriage, stillbirth or other perinatal loss, as well as anyone who has been emotionally attached to a pregnancy or a baby and is now having to live without that pregnancy or baby.

The collection of all of us in this category makes for a crowded bus, I know, but I think we all have times when we think we’re the only ones riding.  If your life circumstances have sent you on board, my hope is that you find some information and comfort here.

As a woman who has experienced two pregnancy losses and as a clinical psychologist specializing in reproductive loss, I spend a lot of time thinking about perinatal bereavement.  In my practice, I specialize in working with people who have experienced miscarriages, stillbirths, death of a newborn, terminations due to medical abnormalities and other reproductive losses.

When a baby dies during or after pregnancy, it is a profound juxtaposition of birth and death that can leave us reeling with confusion and hurt.  The emotions, words, tears, and sometimes, the silence of the bereaved men and women I meet continues to teach me about the relationships we can have with grief and the life that comes after our losses.  For more about my professional work, please visit www.donnarothert.com.  

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